Hunting is a practice that has been celebrated (almost) for centuries now. Although it has got considerable criticism from activists all over the world in the past century, it is somehow still prevalent in many parts of the world. It is also viewed as tradition amongst many communities. No matter how good you are in it, you always need some sort of protective gear while going hunting. It is the jungle and it is unpredictable. Some of the best tools that you can possibly carry while going hunting are:

Flagging Tape

A flagging tool is an accessory that is used for performing for any sort of surveying work. It comes in various colors and different colors mean different things. It helps hunters mainly in marking territories while hunting. It is a must in any hunter’s pack. It is recommended that you have a roll in with you everywhere, including your truck and ATV. Flagging counts as a very important element during hunting. Mainly, in hunting a flagging tool is used in tracking an animal’s blood trail. You can judge the kind of animal you are tracking based on the line of movement based on the blood trail. It helps when it is raining as well.It shows where the blood has washed away.

flagging tape

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a very common accessory that many hunters use due to its foldable nature, and hence the convenient to keep with you. It easier to kill animals with small blades, especially pocket knifes. Hunters normally use larger, more stiffer blades. The pocket knife is used for minor stuff, like cutting ropes, or notching tags. It is a very handy tool to have, as it takes no space at all and has more uses than any other tool out there.

GPS/ Radio combo

Many say that it is not really important that hunters do not require a GPS or a radio. It is probably because of the fact that in earlier ages people used to hunt too, but they did not require any GPS or radio. Before making that argument, you should understand that people at those times did not have access to that kind of technology. This generation has people who are born and brought up around technologies that will help them do anything. You cannot expect them to go off hunting without the things, without which they cannot do anything. GPS allows you to cover your ground quickly and will help you not get lost. If you have company with you, you can radio them if something comes up and that way you stay in touch and don’t have to worry about getting lost.